iPad Tip : Browse Full Web Sites On iPad Without Wifi

As apple has only released wifi models of iPad till now, which does not have 3G. So, Everytime you want to read feeds and browse you favorite websites on iPad you would need a WiFi connection.


In this case you can use the free app called Offline Pages on apple store, This app allows you to save entire web pages, including formatting and images, and read them offline on gorgeous iPad screen. To save a page for offline reading, simply tap the button while casually surfing the web using built-in browser. Better yet, send a link from any PC, Mac, or iPhone directly to your iPad using a handy bookmarklet.

This app supports all kinds of web pages, PDF and Word documents, secure HTTP, and all image types.


Offline Pages [ Apple Store Link ]


  1. pcunite says

    I code websites and want to use the iPad to display offline site designs to customers. I use a Windows 7 x64 box to create websites. When I am ready I want to copy the folder from the Windows box over to the iPad. Then I guess I will use Safari to browse the customer’s website locally. How is this possible. Saving each page with this app will not scale very well.

  2. Jayson says

    I also develop websites and want to show clients the work on our ipad, this app sounds like the perfect solution. I do have a few youtube videos embedded into my site, will this app also be able to play the video if it has been saved with the app?

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