iPad Emulator Browser Online

Yes, now you can preview any website in iPad through online emulator of ipad browser, which lets you see how does a website look in ipad safari browser. Below is a snapshot of this site Technix Update home page loaded in ipad browser.


if you want to load any other website, or your own website, read the full procedure to use this free ipad simulator online on our apple news blog


  1. RockoRambo says

    Not much of an emulator. Seems to be just an iframe inside an ipad picture, with the occasional touch keyboard popping up. So what you see is your current browser navigating to a site inside a smaller window. Flash will still work, so how is this an emulator? I’m assuming any other differences between your current browser and the ipad’s browser (mozilla?) will be undetected.

  2. Daniel Iversen says

    question is if;
    – the user-agent is submitted as an iPad?
    – the webkit rendering engine is used?

    then thats a start…


  3. Michael Collins says

    How does this help?

    I’ve got a CSS bug that only shows up on iPAD (not on MAC Safari).

    You should not call this an ‘emulator’. It’s very misleading.

  4. Stacia Debenedetti says

    i know i’m a little off topic; but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. i’m new to the blogegine platform; so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated !

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