9 iPad Battery Life Saving Tips

iPad seems to have already won the hearts, as per the sales figures and initial user reviews they are loving it. But as the display on iPad is quite large so the battery drains out very fast.


Some initial reviewers however seems to be quite impressed with the battery life, as for then it lasted for more than 10 hours but with time as the number of applications increases and usage it may tend to decrease. So, In order to prevent iPad battery draining out you can follow the some tips given below.

Some Tips To Increase Battery Backup Of iPad

1. Turn off wifi when not required, like you are watching a movie or browsing photos. [ In such activities in which you are not using Wireless Data Network ]

2. Decrease the brightness to increase battery backup of iPad, if you decrease the brightness that will save your battery for long hours.

3. Turn off data roaming feature

4. Turn off cellular data network when you are not using 3G connection

5. Turn on Airplane mode when you are using it digital photo frame

6. Turn off 3G when not in use

7. Turn VPN off when not in use

8. Turn Off Notifications

9. Turn off Sound Alerts or badges for on off for an application

If you know more ways to save iPad battery, do let us know through comments we would love to add them to this list, these are the ones I can think of for some time. We hope these tips are useful to save battery, you can read more ipad tips we have written here in before.


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