iPad 2 Smart Case + Cover Bought From Gaffer Market Delhi

Its been a week since I got my new ipad 2 which was really difficult to carry everywhere without a case, in order to insure that there is no physical impact I had been carrying it in its card board box which comes with it. After seeing and checking out the latest cases at the apple store in india, delhi I was not much impressed with the ipad 2 smart cover by apple So, I planned to check out in the grey market of delhi for mobile phone and gadgets in delhi which is Gaffar Market.

iPad 2 Smart Case [ I gave this name to this case + cover for ipad 2 :)  ]


In gaffar market right now not every shop has a ipad 2 case, but rather you will find them in 2-3 selected shops who majorly deal in apple devices and its accessories. Firstly ipad 2 smart cover which has a official MRP of 2200 INR for polyurethane can be bought for just 1500 INR and the leather one which is official MRP of 4000 INR can also be bought from gaffar market for much lesser amount, but make sure you have some recognition of how the original smart cover looks like as there is lot of duplicates there which may look like smart cover to major extent.

When I enquired about the cases there were only two options one was the smart cover case and second one was the ipad 2 smart case which looks familiar with original ipad 1 case by apple on the other hand it was designed for apple ipad 2 which was really interesting,  the packing of this case was just like apple original case seemed like some china based company who has developed this case for ipad 2 after considering all the aspects of ipad 1 case and ipad 2 smart cover which makes it a ipad 2 smart cover.

I call it ipad 2 smart cover as poses all features of smart cover for like sleep the ipad 2 when you close the cover lid and it also protect the back of the ipad 2 just like ipad 1 case did, so in all this case seemed to me the best available choice in india which you can buy instantly without waiting or ordering some ipad 2 case online on ebay or some other website. As the case is designed for ipad 2 so the ipad 2 fits perfectly with in the case but the cut sections on the back of the cover may need some adjustment to get in the right alignment, which may vary with different pieces of the case make sure you check that this case fits perfectly across all the sections on the ipad 2 like camera, mic, headphone jack, speakers etc.

Following are some images on ipad 2 smart case I took you can have closer look of this case+cover in the images below.


Most important question I paid 2000 INR for this cover, I think it may be over priced but still its worth it with the features it offers. Below is a video preview of ipad 2 smart case

[ coming soon…uploading at youtube ]

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