Internet Explorer – Prevent, Block Ads Display Loading

Internet Explorer has gone through major changes with time, many things has been improved specially the security has been enhanced in it. However there is now way to block all those ads and pop up internet explorer, there was a addon which helps you block ads in IE called IE 7 Pro – It does much more than ad blocking in IE, you can further explore once you install it.

Another simple addon for IE called IE Commercial Remover which just simply adds ads filters to block various commercial advertisement in IE. It is a small app which is portable in nature so it does not require any installation. In order to add the ad blocking filter you just need to run it and then press a button on the application interface.


IE Commercial Remover could stand to ad about 50 more ad sites to its list. This application does not include all the ad filters to block everything, if you want to block all ads you should better go for another addon Adblock IE which blocks a large extensive list of commercials. In order to add ad blocking filters to IE, click the button on the application which says Add Filter to IE – Once you click it, it will confirm you with a message that it has added the filters as shown in the image below.


This application works on all versions of windows 7, it works with all the versions of Internet Explorer, we have just tested it with Internet Explorer 8 

Download IE Commercial Remover

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