Internet Explorer 9 Settings Tweak Tool

TweakIE9 allows users to customize internet explorer 9 UI, way it starts, download settings and security settings. Though these all settings can be changed in internet explorer but for that user have to dig in various menus whereas TweakIE9 allow changes with a single click.

There is no installation required for TweakIE9.When users run it for the first time they will be presented with an agreement. Just tick I accept and continue.


Then it will check whether internet explorer 9 is installed or note on your machine. Once internet explorer 9 is found, click on continue to start tool.

tweak 1

Accepting agreement and verifying installation of IE 9 is a onetime process only. From next time application will be launched straightaway.

tweak 2

To enable a feature just click on the pin present on left of that feature. When a setting is enabled it’s pined and color is blue while if feature is not enabled then pin color is grey.

tweak 3

Under UI you get 9 options which let you tweak the way internet explorer look. User can make Menubar always visible or enable 3D-border or can even increase number of rows of new tabs etc.

tweak 4

Under Startup tab users can decide the way internet explorer launch behavior. Users can make IE 9 to launch in full screen and can also customize homepage.

tweak 5

In Downloads tab users can set the limit on number of downloads/default downloads directory. If you set 2 under max number of downloads then at the max 2 files can be downloaded simultaneously and rest would queue up.

tweak 6

Lastly users can tweak Security settings of IE 9. Users can make internet explorer to start in private browsing mode always.


tweak 7

After pinning the features you want, click on Tweak IE9 now button located at bottom to apply them.

Apart from these tweaks there is one tab called as Tools under which you can set shortcuts for IE 9. Upon clicking it you get two options either to make shortcut for new session or private mode in Start Menu.

tweak 8

Every feature that was enabled ran without a problem apart from Enable Menubar on top which didn’t work in our testing. Still it’s a very nice application we recommend it for download.

Download TweakIE9

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