Interclue – See The Hyper Link Contents In Firefox Without Clicking or Opening It Separately

Interclue is a cool firefox addon which lets you preview any hyperlink contents without clicking the actual link,this addon is based on the idea of click less and do more, Handy icons and tooltips tell you about each link you click and the other relevant actions appear right next to your cursor.


You will get know about the link you are going to click with Interclue so that you may not get into the situation of embarrassment by opening a link which has some objectionable content, or prevent opening of links that contain useless information for you.

It is very light in size and quite fast in speed of operation, you can share these web previews using various social networking services among your friends and colleagues.

Install Interclue For Firefox  [  Works with Firefox: 3.0 – 3.5.* ]

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