Instantly Close and Kill All Unwanted Advertising IE Pop Up Windows With UnPop

UnPop is free to use tool which works on Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, it will kill all unwanted advertising pop up windows just by a simple mouse click. This application adds a toolbar button in internet explorer which runs three commands for closing IE windows, and one command for exploring IE windows created without the unusual ornamentation.


In order to kill the pop up windows and unwanted advertising windows, you just need to click the tool bar button added in internet explorer toolbar, It seems to work on all versions internet explorer and we have just tested this application on IE 8 on windows 7 system it worked perfectly without any issues.  

How To Install UnPop

While installing UnPop make sure that none of the internet explorer window in running, and restart internet explorer after installing this UnPop.

How To Use UnPop 

Click Unpop button on Internet Explorer’s toolbar for the following actions

  • Click. Close all IE windows other than the active window.
  • Alt+Click or Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click. Display the UnPop dialog, with the following commands:
    • Close other IE windows. This is the same as clicking the toolbar button.
    • Close this IE window.
    • Close all IE windows.
    • Show chrome. This command shows menus, toolbars, status bars, and scrollbars on all IE windows, and makes them all resizable.

Download UnPop

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