Instant Search Web App For Twitter

As you all know that Google had launched a new and innovative tool for Instant search i.e it provides you results as you type and you ultimately find the exact text before you actually type that desired text which you are searching. This feature has become so much popular among masses that after some time YouTube also have also enabled Instant search for all the videos.

So a good news for all the Twitter lovers that now close on heels of Google Instant and YouTube Instant, a new tool named Twitter Instant has also been developed. The basic concept of Twitter Instant is same as of Google and YouTube that it will show you search results before you type anything for search. Hence now you can more easily search anything on Twitter.

You can see this tool at this link. When you open this link, you will be directed to a webpage as follow.

12-09-2010 21-27-37

Now to search anything on Twitter, just type in the box and you will be given real time results for your search result instantly. You will see all related results matching to your search in the bottom. Like for instance, when I tried to search for “technix updates” then when I started writing “tec” it automatically shown me the exact match. Hence this feature save your time and makes your search even faster.

12-09-2010 21-31-31

Unlike Google or YouTube instant search, this tool not only shows the exact keyword of your match but will even show you real-time search results as you start typing. These results keeps on changing as you enter more words . So before typing your complete search, you can see all related results.

At bottom of your search result you will see two Search i.e Site search and Web Search. Site search will search your result only on its developers website i.e “” while web search will search your result on complete web. The big advantage of this tool is that this tool even works with your mobile browsers.

The results shown by this tool are indeed instant but still there are some technical problems with this tool and moreover it is not on par with the standard as that of Google or YouTube. When I tried, it didn’t worked for me on my first try and then later after giving some tries, it worked for me. This tool may not work all times due to high load on servers but you can still give a try.

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