Instant Screenshot Capture Tool With Options To Modify Captured Snapshot

While publishing your articles, or sharing some useful information about your computer system or in various other similar situations, you might have come across situations where you need to take a screenshot and attach it with you article, file or the document that you are sharing. Although, taking a screenshot is not at all difficult, but you also need to make some modifications in the captured screenshot before using it with your article or file. So, for this there are number of screen capturing or screenshot grabber tools which are available over the web and can be sued by the user for the above mentioned purpose. But, today we recommend you one of the newly developed utility which comes with a large number of features which can be used to edit and modify the screenshot taken by the user before sharing it with someone else.

As we all know, screen capturing tools serves greatly in getting one’s ideas across the different other users over the globe and to make them understand a complex task in a much easier way. As said earlier that Windows build-in screen capturing function is not feature-rich and it lacks many important options which are needed by the user. So, for this we recommend you another utility which has all these functionalities and features imbibed in it. Mazio is a small, useful and a freely available screenshot grabber which allows very fast and easy annotations of the screenshots and also allows the instant uploads to many types of websites which acts as image repositories. This utility has been created and copyrighted by Janusz Gorycki.


If you want to try out this utility then you may simply download it from the below given link and after installing it you may observe that it has a large number of features which can be used by the user. Some of its features are like, grabbing a particular region of the screen or simply grabbing a single window, dragging and dropping the image files to and from the interface of the utility, it may also copy and paste the images either as new main screenshot or also as an additional images which can also me moved over the screen and can be resized too. As told earlier, that the user may directly upload these screenshots on some of the websites such as on Flickr, Skitch, Picasaweb, etc.


Along with all these features, the user may also draw different shapes such as straight lines, ovals, rectangles, arrows, etc. which may prove to be very useful in highlighting or selecting a particular portion of the image. Some of the basic features which comes with all the photo-editor software such as cropping, editing shapes, magnifying lens, etc. are also provided with this utility.

So, overall one may say that it is really a helpful tool and can be used to capture the screenshots, edit the screenshots and also for publishing them over the web. Download it and explore its features.

Download Mazio

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