Instant Facebook Alerts, Notifications On Your Computer Screen

These days, Facebook has become a very famous social networking site. Some of us are mad about it and spend many hours for keeping an update about others. One of my friend is also a facebook freak. She is online all day just to keep a check who commented on her photos, or on her status or her applications.

Although Facebook has provided many new features by which you can keep a check on other’s activities easily. One of them is that it provides you with a notification whenever any of your friend comments on your status or your photos. But for checking an update, you have to log in to the browser to check it.

For solving this problem, there is a freeware called FBNotifier which provides the facebook messages and notifications alerts in your desktop tray saving your time in log in.

It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp. It requires .Net Framework 4.0 for its installation.

After installation, it will appear with this icon in the system tray.


You have to first fill the login information for activating the application.


The application has two tabs – messages and notifications. Whenever you will get any new message or a notification, it will show notification and you will get to know about it without log-in on the facebook thus saving your time.


It also provides the option of going to the facebook in the right-click menu of the icon.


You can set the refresh time accordingly ranging from 20 seconds to 200 seconds. That is, after how much time it should check for updates an will clear its list.

The notification animation can also be changed either to fading or sliding depending on your choice in the option of ‘Options’.


In short, it is a smart application by which you can save your time from sitting all day on facebook and still keep an update of your friends’ activities.

Download FBNotifier

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