Install Windows 8 Theme In Windows XP

We know that the developer’s version of Windows 8 is already out on the Microsoft’s website for download. You can download this developers version Windows 8 and make your own applications for the Windows 8 Operating System. Since Windows 8 developer’s edition has come out internet has been flooded with the free application for Windows 8 operating system. The most striking feature till now about the Windows 8 apart from its performance has been its UI and its themes. Windows 8 operating system comes with metro UI theme. The metro UI themes organizes all the applications that are installed in your operating system in the form of tiles. Now you can install the metro UI that comes with Windows 8 in your windows XP also. Therefore today I have got an application named 8 Skin Pack for XP which will help you to change the theme of your Windows XP to Windows 8’s theme. The various components in the metro UI theme like Start Screen and the Logon Screen, Start Screen Tiles, Start Screen Tiles Fonts, shell styles, icons, boot logos, buttons, Charm Sidebar, Charm Sidebar Item Hover, Network Charm Item Hover and Charm Sidebar will be added or changed in Windows XP.

When you will launch this application it will install the Windows 8 theme in Windows XP. You will only have to install the application on your Windows XP and restart your system. After you restart your system the new theme of Windows 8 will be enabled on your Windows XP. The application is vary reliable and safe to use as it will back up all the files that it will modify so that able to restore your original settings. In case you are trying to install this software please make a restore point on your Windows XP system before installing the software.

Newgen 2

This is the start screen that you will get after you will install the application. As you can see the tiles on the start screen which are similar to the metro UI of the Windows 8.

windows8 1

This is the view of the windows explorer and the taskbar that you will get after you will install this application. Many option in the windows explorer will be modified such as the view, file explorer which is quite like Windows 8.

windows8 2

This is the new view of the control panel of Windows XP that will modified like Windows 8.

Download 8 Skin Pack for XP.

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