Install Windows 7 Local Group Policy Editor On Any Edition Of Windows 7

If your system is being used many of your friends or if you have planned to give your system to your cousin for a week, then there are certain rights which you will never ever give to the other person, if he or she does not know much about computers. For example, you might never want that user to play around with the Task manager of your system as he or she might corrupt any of the important process running on your system.


If you feel that you system cannot handle viruses and a single attack can make you lose some important data from your system then you might not want that user to execute any .exe file on your system. So, today we will be helping you to restrict the rights on your system, for any other user who is about to use your system. If you are using Windows 7 Ultimate edition like me, then let me tell you that there is no need for you to download any of the freeware, as this tool is available by default on your system. The same goes true with Enterprise and Professional edition also. If you are using Home or any other version of Windows apart from the one mentioned above, then we also posted the link to download this tool and then install it on your system.


You can see the screenshot of the tool, where you are provided with each and every feature of the Windows OS which can be configured to restrict any user from using them. You can put a parental control by disabling the link of the Games on the system. If you want to launch this tool, then go to Run command window and then type ‘pewit.MSc’ in there and then you will see the local Group Policy window. The size of this tool is around this tool has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit edition. If you face any issue while using it then please let us know.

Download Local Group Registry (handy Installer)

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