Install Swype Keyboard On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Recently the much awaited swype keyboard for iphone has been released in cydia, which makes it now possible for you to install and enable swype way of typing on your iphone, the swype keyboard once installed does not change the default keyboard in anyway, and you can type using swype technique by dragging your finger in between different letters keys on the onscreen keyboard.


Its not yet very accurate if you compare the swype you have seen on android phone, as this is not even official swype keyboard but some workaround trying to accomplish the same thing on iphone as well, the new swype does not come by default in already added repository, but you will need to add a separate repository in cydia to install the new swype keyboard on your jailbroken iphone, ipad or ipod touch as shown in the image below.


Procedure To Install Free Swype On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Launch Cydia.
  • Select Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and enter the following source URL within the dialog box that appears:
  • Tap Add Source and wait for Cydia to finish verifying the entered URL and updating sources.
  • Return to Cydia and search for Swype.
  • Install Swype & reboot.

Once installed it will respiring your apple device, and then you can start using swype with the same default keyboard on iphone, and you can also type in the same way without using swype by just tapping on the on screen keyboard keys. In order to use swype, just drag your fingers on the onscreen keyboard keys as shown in the image below.


Video While Using Swype On iPhone

[Video Coming Soon – Once Its Uploaded ]

We have also created a video on how to install the free swype keyboard on iphone, you can watch the video below for detailed video tutorial.

[Video Coming Soon – Once Its Uploaded ]

Another option to use swype on Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can install the app Shapewriter which only allows you to write notes using swype keyboard, this app was previously on appstore, now it can only be installed using installous. Watch the video below to see it in action on iphone.

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