Install Old Adobe Air Version Of Tweetdeck Instead Of New Windows Version

If you are a long time user of tweetdeck, one of the most popular client which can be installed on any OS including Mac OS, Windows or Linux as it was based in adobe air which let it run, as adobe air platform is available for all the OS versions.

I have been using tweetdeck since beginning when it was launched, I used to love the tweetdeck adobe air version but now as it is acquired by twitter, after the acquisition it has changed a lot and now as I see tweetdeck official website now have different versions designed for windows and Mac os and its no more based on adobe air as you see in the image below.

tweetdeck for windows changed

Last time I updated tweetdeck I switched to the new version of tweetdeck for windows, but I was never happy with it so finally I decided to switch to old version of tweetdeck which was adobe air based, after some search I found its not only me but many were not happy with the new version of tweetdeck, as you can read here

I found another article of David Amador who was like me as he said in his blog post and uploaded the last version of adobe air tweetdeck version on his dropbox account as you can see in the image below.

why revert to old tweetdeck

Without further delay, here is the link to the old adobe air version of tweetdeck, here it is Tweetdeck 0.38.2 Don’t forget you need Adobe Air installed before you can get it installed to download and install it before you do for tweetdeck adobe air version, If the above link does not work, download it from this alternative link

[Via David Amador ]

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