Install Mac App Store Paid Apps For Free

Less than 24 hours had passed since the release of the Mac App Store, and AppInsect has already posted ways to circumvent the DRM in the apps on the Mac App Store. Titled as a tutorial to ‘Crack Mac Apps’, AppInsect offers you a step by step tutorial on how to use a legitimately available free app and picking up files from it and grafting it into illegally obtained pirated software and tricking the Mac App Store into believing that you have actually paid for those apps and be able to use them and have them show up in your Mac App Store.

From AppInsect:

1. Install the latest Snow Leopard update(10.6.6). Sign into the new App Store (in your dock). Download Twitter, it’s free. Then go to Applications folder, locate Twitter, right click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents folder and copy _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources.
2. Download Angry Birds ( ).. run the dmg file.. drag Angry Birds into the Applications folder. right click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents folder and delete _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources. Now paste in the files you copied from the .
3. Done. Enjoy Angry Birds and any other .app file from the new Mac App Store that you can find online

Here is an easier tutorial video which explains how to go about the cracking process.

While this may raise concerns about Apple’s DRM and how Apple is going to protect its developers from this nuisance, users are more than happy to find a way to cheat into Apple’s DRM. There has been a lot of criticism of Apple’s move to introduce the App Store for Mac, and people believe that the DRM in the store will ultimately destroy the open and free nature of desktop applications.

Disclaimer – All the information provided above is for educational purpose only.


  1. eldin says

    I need the app Mindnode and where can I find them on the internet?.
    I know how to hack but I don’t know where I can find the apps.
    Please help!.
    Or is this only for the Angry Birds?.
    Greetings, Eldin.

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