Install Default Windows Calendar In Windows 7

In windows 7 you will not find an in-built utility named as Windows calendar and I know most of the users do not want to use Microsoft Outlook for scheduling their tasks or meetings over the calendar available in it as it is not that simple to understand. Though you will not find the Windows Calendar on Windows 7, but we have still got that for you in this post and we will also tell you that how to use it and why is this better from the rest.


I know that you must be knowing many tools which can be used for scheduling your daily and important tasks, then why to go for this tool. The only answer is that this tool is from Microsoft so it is quite reliable when it comes to stability of the tool on your system. This tool is portable and includes that can be required while configuring a calendar. You can see the screenshot mentioned above. Let us talk about its features.


You can create multiple calendars in it, like if you want to keep your personal and official calendars different and then you can use this feature. On the left hand side you will find the calendar is displayed in small window and then below you will find the place where you can add any number of calendars by just giving a right click to the empty space. In the middle of the application windows you can add as many tasks as you want.


You can also change the view of your calendar, you can view a day on the hourly basis or you can select the option to view the whole week in the middle of the application window. If you have already created an event or appointment and you want to change its parameters then you can change by altering the values in the right hand side of the application window or you can drag that appointment to any other time slot on the day. The tool is quite comprehensive to work on and it is portable. Its size is around 500 KB and we have checked this on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Windows Calendar

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