Insert, Add or Embed Google Maps In Orkut Scraps

Google orkut team has just rolled out a new feature to orkut scraps which allows you to add maps to your orkut scraps to your friends. To add a map to a scrap, first click the text box to write and edit a scrap. You’ll then see customization options on the top. Just click the red placemark icon to add a map to your message as shown in the image below.


You can search for a specific address or place anywhere in the world or you can manually drop a placemark onto the map. Both options are easy, even if you’re unfamiliar with google maps interface.


Tip: Make sure that you typed your scrap message before you insert your google map in the scrap, it will look like as shown in the image below.


Note: However this feature works on new user interface of orkut, if you are using older version then you are out of luck, if you want to switch to newer version of orkut, then click the big new orkut icon on the right of your name in older version of orkut.

How To Switch To New Version Of Orkut


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