Inline Search Google In Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a great location or address bar which is really good to do search faster in google, but still it takes time in opening and closing tabs. Inline google search addon in google chrome allows you to search google in google chrome from the same page without leaving the page until you click the search results as shown in the image below.


In order to search from any webpage you don’t need to navigate from the page you are viewing in google chrome, you just need to click the G icon of this extension in google chrome toolbar, type you search query and then press enter to display the google search results in a pop up window without leaving the current page.

Only when you click a link in search results, it opens in a new tab, moreover you can also change the UI of the inline search in google chrome to beta google search style by right clicking the G icon and then select options.


This extension could be really useful for quick searches with google, but it does not provide any extra options to use the google calculator and other tools like weather , cricket score updates etc. But we hope the developer is already considering these features in the next update of the extension.

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