Indian Kindle Killer Coming Soon…

So, the first Indian e-book reader has been available in market since 1st September, 2010. Now you may interrupt me by saying that Amazon and other web services were there to offer you nice e-book readers, but please mention the custom duty and other shipping related costs which will make that product to costlier to buy and use. But Wink made that problem solved by producing the e-book reader which is compatible with a huge list of languages and it is available at just Rs 11,500.

I will not compare this product of Wink and Apple iPad as both of them are appropriate at their own place. Now where the cost of the Wink e-book reader is very low as compared to Apple iPad, there you can also see the huge list of extra features provided by Apple iPad. Now before I proceed please allow me to enumerate the feature of that e-book reader.


This e-book reader has a Micro USB port which can be used for transferring the files and also for charging that device. Besides the multi-lingual feature of that device it also has a mail client which can help you to send or receive mails through internet which can be connected to that device through WiFi. It also has a QWERTY keypad which can help you to type memos. It has 6 inches long LCD screen and it is as thin as 11mm with a huge battery backup of 300 hrs continuously, as it has 1500mA of battery equipped in that device. It also has a 3.5 mm audio jack for listening MP3 and then it is also WiFi and 3G enabled. Its internal memory is of 2Gb and it can be extended with the help of memory card slot.


Undoubtedly, the cost of the book will be lowered to a huge extent i.e. almost 50 to 75 percent of the normal cost as they will not be printed on paper or I can say that its paperback cost saving. But still after its lower costs it is not under the reach of a common man because the initial investment of Rs. 11,500/- is high but still I hope that it will used to buy elite class users. Stay tuned we will make you to be in touch with this news. Please drop you opinion about the product in the comments box, we will be happy to share that.

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