Increase Windows Hardware Rating Score Number

Today, everyone who uses the computer systems wants to have the best configuration in terms of hardware and software and that too at a minimum possible price. This is because, factors like speed, performance, etc. relies heavily on the computer’s configuration. But, the question is how one can measure the capability of the computer’s hardware and software on the basis of its configuration. With the advancement and as there was a need for a scale which can measure this configuration’s capability and the other factors which are dependent on it, Microsoft introduced a new feature with the launch of Windows 7.

The Windows Experience Index is a feature of Windows 7 which is basically present to measure the capability of computer’s hardware and software configuration and it expresses this measurement as a number called a base score. This base score then in turn tells the user that how much capable its system is. As a normal index indicates, similarly a higher base score generally means that the user’s computer will perform a lot better and faster than a computer which has a lower base score as compared to the user’s computer. Some of the software and especially some of the PC games require a high base score. So, this score might be important to play some of such PC games which require your PC to have minimum score. So, if the computer shows a low base score, then definitely the user will not be able to use some of the software and the games.


Now, in order to change this index manually we recommend you a small utility which can be used and thus will allow you to use more number of software and games. Windows 7 Rating changer is a small, useful and a freely available tool which allows the user to manually edit the Windows experience index and thus allows the user to use several software and games which requires a high base score.

So, if you want to try out this tool, then you may simply download it from the below given link and after installing you may just run the tool and you may observe that it populates the current experience index for various categories and along with this it also displays your final index score. This score normally range from 1.0 to 7.9 and then one can manually change them and save the data for further use. After this, you may need to run the tool in the administrator mode for saving the values and once you save the values, you can open My computer>properties to view changes and the new score.

Download Windows 7 Rating changer

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