Increase Uploading Speed To Microsoft Skydrive With Rich Uploader Tool For Internet Explorer

Skydrive is one such amazing free file hosting service which is most reliable in holding your files online for a long time, it could be the best way to share big or large files among your friends. It is better than the large number pathetic money hungry file hosting services these days which will keep prompting you to buy a premium account when you upload a single file on these servers.

When it comes to uploading files to skydrive it could be slow as compared to other file hosting services, but you can actually increase uploading if you use internet explorer with the rich uploader tool provided by skydrive itself. This tool helps you to know how much part of the file has been uploaded and what left in real time when you upload.

How to install the rich uploader tool for skydrive

Open in Internet Explorer and login into your skydrive account

Select the folder to upload and click Add files the the top menu in the browser, you will see the following screen.


If you don’t have the rich file uploader installed, it will give you the link to download and install the upload tool [ as shown in the image above ]

click the link, and then save and then run the rich upload tool [ RichUpload.msi ]


After installing the upload tool, try to upload the files again to any folder on your windows live skydrive account, you will see the big message and screen saying drag files here and drop the files to upload, this way your files will be uploaded more faster and you can keep a track over the upload all the time.



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