Increase or Add More Thumbnails In Google Chrome Start Page or Welcome Page

Many users who are using google chrome on some high resolution monitors would like to see more number of thumbnails so that they can have more website shortcuts at google chrome start page. I have just read many threads in google chrome help and support but there is no direct resolution to this problem.

In order to solve this problem, you can try a google chrome addon Speed Dial which can add more speed thumbnails in google chrome, it can replace Chrome new tab with your predefined visual bookmarks.


Following are some new features added to this addon recently.

  • Use site logos as speed dials!
  • Customized dials thumbnail image
  • Edit dials title and url
  • Add new dials directly from the speed dial page
  • Dials thumbnails are updateable (see the options page)
  • Customzie the distance between the dials
  • Speed Dial grid can be set up to 9×9 matrix
  • Bookmarks bar now displays also folders

Speed Dial [ Google Chrome Extension ] | More Useful Google Chrome Addons

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