Increase Laptop Battery Backup Time | More Battery Backup With Automatic Power Plans Switch | Battery’s Discharge Cycles Monitoring – BatteryCare

BatteryCare [ via Webtrickz ] is a free to use application which can help in increasing the laptop battery backup time by automatically monitoring the discharge cycles on your laptop battery. This application can get you more from your laptop battery as it controls over a large number of aspects including the automatic power plans switch, controlling windows aero and demanding services etc. Some other applications in this category are Battery Bar, Battery Alarm and PowerMeter which we had already reviewed.   


It will display the maximum battery information with the CPU temperature, and it will automatically updates it self when your computer is connected to internet.

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You can configure the options with BatteryCare.


You can autostart with windows, check for updates automatically, notify when battery gets fully charged (as shown in the image above)


You can set profiles to use on battery and when ac power is plugged in (as shown in the image above)

Download BatteryCare Direct Link | Alternate Link To Download BatteryCare

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