Increase Internet Browsing Speed With Reliance Netconnect Broadband + By Using Google Public DNS Servers

We have covered various tips on reliance netconnect broadband +  like how to Check Current Data Usage Of Reliance Netconnect, Block Reliance NetConnect Page After It Connects To Internet or Stop Reliance Broadband Netconnect Plus Opens and how to solve reliance netconnect broadband + disconnection problem


Today we will tell how you how to speed up internet browsing speed with reliance netconnect broadband plus by using DNS servers, If you don’t know what do we mean by DNS servers.

What is a DNS Server ?

A DNS server is basically a lookup server which converts domain names into machine understandable IP address, now how faster it works more quicker the webpage for a website will get loaded on your internet browser.

How To Specify Google DNS Server In Reliance Dial Up Connection and Speed Up Browsing

Configuring reliance connect broadband plus data card to use google DNS servers is quite different, as it creates a dial up connect not a Ethernet connect under network connections. So, first you need to open Network Connections, navigate to the following path as per your OS.

For XP

My Computer > My network places > Network connections.

Fox Vista

Control Panel\Network and Internet Sharing Center \Network Connections

For Windows 7

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

Follow the procedure below

1. Now select the reliance network connection and right click on it and select properties.


2. Click the Networking Tab and Select IPv4 and click properties button.


3. Now add the Google DNS Severs under the alternate DNS servers [ as shown in the image below ]


As shown in the screenshot, If you want to use Google DNS change it to and

4. Click Ok 2 times. That’s it, you have successfully configured google DNS servers.


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