Increase, Decrease Volume With Windows + Up / Down Keys

We rarely use the key configuration in our system to increase or decrease the volume; we always go for the volume control in our music system or the control in our software. The main reason for this is there is a combination of 2 keys which are to be pressed in order to control the volume, so it takes times as compared to minimizing or increasing the volume simply with help of mouse or by switching the knob on the music system. So, I have a solution with which you can control the volume with using the double combination and this tool is known as Vol Control.7z.

As soon as you install this setup which has the size of 3,069 Kb, it will not show any shortcut on your desktop neither will show any icon in the startup menu. It will just minimize itself on the tray and from there on can use it. It does not perform huge or heavy tasks on your system, as it has been made for just assigning a hotkey combination for increasing and decreasing the volume.


The only application window in this tool appears as shown in the snapshot above, this is under the setting option of the tool. In the very first option of that application window you find an option in which a number has to be entered and by default the value has been set to 2. This is the scale on which you can vary your volume. For example if I turn this value to 10 then on decreasing the volume by a single level it will decrease the volume by one percent and if I leave it to 2 then on decreasing the volume it will decrease the volume by 0.2 percent.

The shortcuts cannot be changed as they are fixed and assigned while getting installed on the system. The shortcut for controlling the volume is Window key + up (to increase the volume) / down (to decrease the volume). When you will decrease the volume using these keys then a new window will appear which will have a scale of 100 percent and the amount of volume being increased or decreased will be shown on that window. You can also make this tool to start whenever you start your system as you can see that option in the setting window.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Vol Control7z

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