Improve Windows 7 Performance and Experience

With the advancements in technology and latest updates, we may observe that things are getting better and processing is getting much faster. In the field of operating systems also, we all know that Windows 7 came up with so many good features and till now it has proved to be one of the best and easy to use OS available in the market. Although, we can say that Windows 7 is overall quite satisfying but still if you need to tweak your system for better performance and stability, then you can do so by using some of the available utilities. Today we are going to discuss one such tweaking utility which may help you in making Windows 7 much better to use.

EnhanceMySe7en is basically a small, useful and most importantly a freely available tool which takes care of the Windows registry, disk clean up, disk defragmentation, start up management, and all other such sort of things related to system’s health, which may help in improving the overall ability of the Windows 7 for your system.


You may easily download the tool from the link given below. After the completion of this download, you need to double click the installer file present for the tool in order to initiate the installation process. Just like any other utility, it will start the installation and by following few simple steps, you will be able to see its installation progress, and you may observe that it will take only a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.


After installing it in your system, you may observe that it is an extremely rich tool and offers lot many features for its users. If we look into some of these features then you may observe the very first tab, which is shown as System Info and it provides you very useful information regarding Windows, Processor and Computer, which may prove to be helpful in many cases. One of the other tab known as the Processes tab offers you information about running processes in the system.


Along with the above two mentioned above, one of its other or we can say that one of the most important features is Registry Cleaner which helps you check your registry, repair incorrect links and automatically remove invalid entries, which overall helps in cleaning your Computer. You may simply click on the Start Scan option in order to start the scanning of registry, It also provides you a feature to backup or restore the registry by using Backup Registry and Restore Registry options respectively, available in the interface. Similarly, you can use Disk Cleaner option to clean up your disks and Defragmenter to perform disk defragmentation tasks. Another important option is Startup items which lets you manage which programs you need to run when Windows starts and you may remove the programs which you think must not be run initially.


Similarly, other features are also there which you may explore after downloading the tool in your computer. So, just download it and explore it on your own.

Download EnhanceMySe7en

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