Improve Site Page Speed Faster To Load By Removing Extra Loaded Scripts

Google websearch team just announced that they will now consider the speed it takes for a website to load when ranking it in Google search results on

As they say about Site Speed

”Site speed is just one of over 200 signals we use to determine search ranking, and because it’s a new signal, it doesn’t carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. In fact, less than 1% of all search queries on are affected by the site speed signal”

This factor may not play a major role now, but in future web consider this factor is going to have a great impact on web search results as it seems, so now it s the time for all the webmasters our their to start thinking about their site page speed. So, in order to make your pages load faster, you will need to see the page performance in

Note: if you have not added your site in webmasters better add it now.

Analyze Page Performance On Your Site With Google Webmasters

If you already added your website in google webmasters, then select your site and then click page performance under Labs in google webmasters left pane menu.


Once you select this option, it will show you a graph showing your site speed as shown in the image below.


If your site is slower, it will also show you which pages are slower and because of which kind of scripts including ads, site widgets and other scripts causing the delay.

How Decrease Your Site Page Load Speed and Make It Load Faster ?

Answer to this question could be specific as per the site design and components it loads, In general to make your pages load faster we would suggest you to remove some less useful site widgets, decrease number of ads loading, remove custom javascripts, use caching for your pages, compress images and use a simplest site theme or html layout which have a Lighter CSS to load or decrease the number of site themes.

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