Improve PS3 Video Display Quality On HDMI | Enhanced PS3 Display With RGB Full Range On HDMI | Improve PS3 Output Over HDMI | Enable Y Pb/CB Pr/Cr Super White (HDMI)

Its been not so long that I got a new ps3 and had been applying various and hacks and tricks on it from day one, its always feels good for a geek like to achieve any thing which is not possible in traditional ways on my ps3, previously I figured out how which includes the hack to update ps3 offline and play all video and other files stored on USB Drive on ps3

Today I will tell you how to improve the over all display quality over HDMI on your ps3, it relates to changing some display settings on your ps3, it helped me a lot to get some real good effects and display on my Full HD Samsung monitor, might help in your case too.

If you are getting the output to your ps3 with HDMI cable and still not seeing the some good effects and colours on your HD capable monitor then you should definitely try this simple ps3 display setting.

Start your ps3, log in with any user account and go to Settings >> Display Settings – now scroll down to the second last settings which says RGB Full Range (HDMI) – set it to Full now Enable Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super White (HDMI) – set it to On if your TV or the display monitor is compatible with super white output.

On the other hand putting RGB Full so that it displays the full range of colors on the screen, but whether to turn on RGB to full mode make you can apply the following rule.

Rules For RGB Full Or Limited On PS3

  • If black sometimes appears bright and sometimes appears pale on the screen when [Limited] is selected, set this option to [Full].
  • If black appears dull on the screen when [Full] is selected, set this option to [Limited].


  1. Tomas says

    To find out is your TV support Full RGB you need to run video test on PS3 and adjust TV settings accordingly. The free calibration video can be downloaded from as many other video test.

  2. Christopher says

    I feel that if I turn the RGB to limited(things are way too dark) and I have super-white on it gives an amazing picture.

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