Import and Export Complete Settings Of Windows Live Writer

We have previously covered a freeware WLWBackup which lets you backup and restore blogs settings in windows live writer, today we will tell you about another freeware utility Import and Export Wizard.


Import and Export Wizard is a free wizard which allows you to export chosen windows live writer settings to an external file or even to a FTP Folder, so that if you want to import settings to another remote computer you can access and import the settings.

Key Features

  • Export/Import configuration settings
    • Auto links glossary
    • Preferences
    • Blogs – blog accounts configured for current user
    • Plug-ins – all plug-ins installed on current PC
  • Saving settings in
    • local folder
    • network folder
    • folder on FTP
    • folder on SkyDrive (soon)
    • anywhere in the cloud (soon)
  • Very quick and straightforward installation

Here is a screen shot shown of the import and export wizard


Download Import and Export Wizard For Windows Live Writer

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