iChromy – Anonymous Mode Supported iPad Browser Which Does Not Record History [Review]

There are many free browsers for ipad but in all safari browser is the best when it comes to over all rigid experience in browsing, recently there is a free ipad browser added on apple itunes apps store which looks so much similar to google chrome and the most important missing feature which it provides in the series of free ipad browsers is private aka incognito browsing mode which lets you browse website but it does not record your browsing history as per like it does not remember which websites you visited in private browsing mode.


Following is our review + feature tour of all the features of iChromy browser for ipad.

It provide tab based browsing with tabs appearing on the top, just like you see in google chrome browser as shown in the image below. 

tabs on top

Once you start browsing and scroll down the web page, the address bar automatically hides so that you have more space to view the website contents as shown in the image below.

space for contenst

It suggest you an already opened website as soon as you type in the omnibox address bar as shown in the image below.

ominbox address bar

Long press a link to open in new tab or add to reading list to read it later, this feature will come in safari in ios 5 but this browser allows you enjoy this feature in earlier versions of ios browser.


One-click to save a page to the Offline Reading List,  one-click to remove.   Long-press a link to add to Offline Reading List without opening the link.  Offline Reading List is a great way to have pages later, whether offline or online.


Share the page across multiple websites and sources as shown in the image below.


Copy or search on page as shown in the image below.


Install iChromy From This iTunes Apple App Store here

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