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Today I have got a software for you named Wenovo HTML Meta Tags Creator which will help you to create the Meta Tags for HTML pages. The application is used to design the Meta Tags for the webpages.

The application will create Meta Tags for the XHTML and HTML pages. The tools is your complete solution to creating meta tags for all document types and webpages. The application support a lot of tags with values and hints.The application will allow you to create meta tags profile, save it and open it in case you want the same type of meta tags for some other web pages. The meta tags which are generated can be copied to clipboard and also can be save as documents.

HTML Meta Tags Creator 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The toolbar options present in the application are File, Edit, Tags and Info. Below the toolbar there is an icon bar which has icons like New, Open, Save, For HTML and For XHTML. The main window for the application has meta tags divided in three sections i.e. Doc. Title, Meta Name and Meta http-equiv. The Doc. Title section only has one tag i.e. Title tag. The Meta Name section has tags like Description, Keywords, Author, Copyright, Owner, Distribution, Rating, Revisit-After and Robots. The Meta http-equiv section has tags like Cache-Control, Charset and Content-Language. Each tag has a checkbox in front of it in order to select it. If the checkbox is not selected it means that tag is not selected.

HTML Meta Tags Creator 2

The File menu has options like New Profile, Open Profile, Save Profile, Save Profile As and Exit. The File menu will allow you to open a new profile using the new Profile option. While creating a new profile you can select any tag that you want to specify for that profile by selecting the checkbox and you can also specify whether that tag is for HTML or XHTML. After making the profile the menu also has the options for saving that profile and opening that profile for future use.

HTML Meta Tags Creator 3

The Edit menu has options like Select All, Deselect All and Select Basic Only. The Select All option will select all the checkboxes. The Deselect All option will deselect all the checkboxes. The Select Basic Only will select only the basic tags from the list of tags like Title tag, Description, Keywords, Revisit-After ,Robots, Charset and Content-Language.

HTML Meta Tags Creator 4

The Tags menu has two options only Create for HTML Documents and Create for XHTML Documents which means a after defining what all tags you need for a particular profile that profile can be either saved for XHTML documents or HTML documents.

Download Wenovo HTML Meta Tags Creator.

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