How To View Old Google Search Queries History You Searched Earlier

Google search is no doubt one the of the best search engine on internet to search for information, we all use google search for different purpose some time for finding solution to problem, for movie reviews, for finding a piece of code and lot more as what you can search on google is ranging from anything to everything.

But some thing you may not know that what ever search queries you type on google search, google stores them as web search history for you but provided you need to be signed into your google account while searching on google. Google save the search history in categorized way in a logical way with a calendar with dates.

Google Web Search History

In order to view the search history, you need to visit this page – you will see all the search queries as URL and it will show the time as well with the respective dates on which you searched on google. FYI It also tells you how many google searches you made till date.

Stop Google From Saving Search History

In case if you want google to store this search history, you can pause this feature just by clicking the pause button on the top center of the page as shown in the image below. Moreover you can delete the entire web search history as well stored on google servers.

pause google search history

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