How To View, Filter All Videos, All Photos or All Links On Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook one such social network which is getting more popular day by day, people spend so much time on reading updates from your their friends and replying to the comments of their friend comments on their own updates.

There are times when you may want to see the filter out the updates on news feed so that you can only see all videos, all photos and all links. Today we will tell you a simple tip which lets you filter videos, photos and links on your facebook news feed.

In order to do this, you will need to use Windows Live Messenger and you will also need to connect to facebook with live messenger, you read here how to connect to facebook to live messenger.

Once you have verified the connection with facebook, you will see all the updates coming from facebook, you will see the links on the top left of the live messenger interface as shown in the image below.

10-5-2010 12-50-27 AM

You just need to click on the links photos to filter all updates with photos, or click  the more drop to select the option to see all videos only as shown in the image below.

10-5-2010 12-52-48 AM

Now once you select the option to filter all videos, you will see all videos only appearing on your facebook news feed.

10-5-2010 12-54-55 AM

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