How To View, Download iPhone, iPad Photo Stream Photos On Windows PC

iOS has no doubt come up with some new features one of which is called photo stream which allows you see your photos on other apple devices, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. No syncing. No sending. Your photos are just there. Everywhere you want them.

One of our reader Rahul asked us the following question related to this feature.

“If I have taken a photo with my iphone, have already enabled the photo stream feature as well, how can I view the photos on my windows computer PC”

As an answer to the question Rahul asked, we found a way which is completely easy and allows you to see all the photos under photo stream – but to make sure that you can see the photo stream photos you have taken on your apple device in Settings app under iCloud as shown in the image below.


Once the photo stream on your apple iphone, ipod touch or ipad is turned on, first download icloud control panel for windows from apple website from this page 

icloud apple control panel

Once downloaded and installed, you will need to enter your icloud account username and password to login, and once logged in you will need to check photo stream option and click apply as shown in the image below.

icloud photo stream

Once you click apply, it will start downloading all the photo stream photos uploaded on icloud to your windows computer to find out where it has downloaded all these photos click options in the right of photo stream and it will show you the path where it has started downloading all the photos from icloud as shown in the image below.

photo stream icloud photos

It also tells you in which folder you can copy other photos to the upload folder from your pc to upload them directly to your icloud online account space.

Tip: You can also try and copy non photos files to check whether it uploads or not. 

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