How To Use Word 2010 For Publishing To WordPress Blog

We have shared several office 2010 tips on this blog, Today we will tell you another trick related to blogging with office 2010. When it comes to blog editor Windows Live Writer is the best, but for any reason if you don’t want to use windows live writer, and if you have office 2010 installed how can you simply configure word 2010 for a wordpress blog and use it as blog editor.


Below is a step by step procedure on how to configure word 2010 as blog publishing editor for a wordpress blog.

1. Open Word 2010 and go to File Menu >> New Blog Post


2. If you have not preconfigured any blog with word, it will now ask you to register a blog, click Register Now button


3. Now choose your blog provider software, we have choosen wordpress blog as an example. 


4. Now Enter your blog address, admin username and password and click ok 


5. Now it will prompt you first with a warning message and then a successful message and redirect you to the interface where you can compose your new blog post.

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