How To Use Old Twitter Web Interface Or Revert Back To Old Twitter Layout

Twitter is a no doubt a revolutionary service, I was one of the early adopter of twitter, I have seen many new people joining the service with time. But some time back twitter rolled out the new web interface which brings some great feature in the web interface, but not all the users like this changed new interface of twitter.

So, for all those who don’t like the new interface can now use the old interface any time following some of the methods below.

The most simplest way to use twitter old style interface on web is to click the link to use old twitter interface on the message banner shown at the top of the page as shown in the image below.

1-11-2011 10-32-13 PM

Another method to use old twitter interface, is to make sure go to the link given below and login with your twitter username and password.

Once you go through the link above, logged in to the old twitter interface you will see the old twitter style interface as shown in the image below.

1-11-2011 10-38-07 PM

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