How To Use Old Google Search Without Instant Search Feature

Google has recently launched their new feature called google instant search tool which lets you see the search results as you type in your query in the search box or even before you type.

But unfortunately not all the users like google instant search, and we posted a guide to disable google instant search if you don’t like to use it. Disabling google instant search seems to be a temporary solution as google instant search feature gets on the next time you open your browser and visit google for all those who are not signed in or nor specified to disable under google account search preferences.

Today we will tell you how to get rid of new google search and open the old google search interface when you open your browser.

Old google search interface can be accessed at the following URL

you can add the above URL as your home page under your internet browser preferences as shown in the image below.


You can access the home page options under options >> basic settings in google chrome, However the procedure could be different for different browsers.

Still some time you may want to access google chrome instant search feature, you can access it at the following URL below.

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