How To Upload and Share Link To File To Download From Google Docs – Feature Available Now

Some time back we posted about how you can upload any file type to google docs as they promised, Google Docs has rolled out this new feature with google docs that lets you store files up to 250MB in size in Docs.


You will have 1GB of space on google docs to upload files of any type and share any kind of media–like an album of MP3s, Video, Software etc

Here is how you can upload a file and then share the download link among your friends via IM or sending the direct link to the file uploaded in your google docs account.

1. Firstly select a file to upload, once it is uploaded


2. Click on the uploaded file, and then on the label Share to get the link to the file.


3. Set your preferences on how you want to share this file with people, here you can copy the direct link to file with which any one can download it.


4. Click Save and Close after copying the link, this link will point to the file which can be downloaded by any one without sign in to google docs.

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