How To Unlike, Stop Liking Something Already Liked On Facebook Or On Some Website Using Facebook Widget

There are times when you may just like something without giving it another thought, but when you think about it you may realize that you don’t want to like it on facebook. These days facebook is spread all over so it appears at different places as facebook pages news stream, facebook like widgets in the article of the website you read or you may have seen the facebook fan widgets on the website.

Just in case if you are wondering that if you have liked some thing thorough facebook and you want to unlike it following are the ways as per the page you are on.

If you are on the facebook page update of a photo, video or status update you can easily click the unlike text to unlike it as shown in the image below, this way you can stop liking that facebook update.


Another case if you liked an article in using facebook widgets embedded in that article, you just need to move your mouse over the like button again, you will see the cross button clicking on which lets you unlike that article or facebook fan widget as shown in the images below.


When it comes to facebook fan widget over some website and you want to stop liking it then again it’s the same thing you need to do.


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