How To Uninstall, Remove Google Chrome Web App Installed From Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome web app store is now live, you can now install web apps on google chrome unless you are using google chrome 8 or later, installing these web apps from the chrome web store is really simple, all the new web apps installed will be shown in the new tab once they are installed, we also wrote a small tutorial on how can you install web apps in google chrome.

But in case if you are not happy after installing certain web app in google chrome you may want to remove it as well, follow the procedure below.

1. Run google chrome on your computer

2. Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab or open a new tab by clicking the + sign on the right of the top tabs opened in google chrome

3. In new tab, you will see all the web apps you have installed in google chrome, right click on the icon of the app which you want to remove and select uninstall as shown in the image below.

12-8-2010 3-20-48 PM

This is how you can uninstall a web app already installed in google chrome, similarly you can tweak the options for certain web apps for which options text is highlighted. 

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