How to uninstall linux in dual boot installed with windows xp

August 28, 200722 Comments

There is a simple procedure to uninstall or delete linux by following a step by step procedure illustrated below and it is tested by me and safe also.

You need a windows 98 startup disk or windows 98 bootable floppy .

How to do it:

1. Boot up in Windows xp.

2. Start>>control panel>>administrative tools>>computer management

3. Go to disk management under “storage”


4. Select your hard disk and then the linux partition.

5. Delete the linux partition this will delete linux and grub.

6. Now reboot your laptop with windows 98 start up disc or floppy and type the command “fixmbr” .

7. Above command will repair ur bootloader and rewrite ntldr which will replace corrupted grub.

8.Thats it done now boot your laptop or desktop normally it will be booted by default in windows xp.

If you have any problem in the procedure given above leave a comment here…

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  1. Gagan says:

    Hi, have same problem but with vista. what should i do to replace the linux boot option. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Whenever I try to connect to Disk Management to delete the partitions, it gives me an error stating “Unable to connect to logical disk manager service”. What do I do to fix it? Please help me, its required urgently.

  3. Nikz says:

    For XP, sometimes we need to use command: c:>fdisk /mbr

  4. Mark says:

    Nikz on May 4th, 2008 | 6:50 pm For XP, sometimes we need to use command: c:>fdisk /mbr Yes Nikz you are right-I had to use the fdisk/mbr command and also I used a start up disk for WinME lol-still got the same result-just had to choose the boot withOUT cd support.

  5. Leyo says:

    Well, it might work, but my laptop has no floppy…. Any other solution?

  6. Jason says:

    Thank you, you saved my laptop. Had to make a win98 boot disk, then make an image of that on a cd (don’t have a floppy on laptop) then chose start with cd support and used c:>fdisk/mbr. Linux was a cool thing for awhile but I’m glad to see it go. Thanks for the very helpful write up.

  7. Gopal says:

    Hi, My harddisk having 4 partition with xp os . I try to install Linux d: drive but Unfortunate i deleted partition and installed linux successfully. Now I want to get my old partition with data. Could help me recovery my data. Gopal

  8. vineet says:

    sir mine’s vista with fedora and i want to remove fedora as the earlier boot loaders are not compatible with the vista and hp only provides recovery dvd. how can i do so without having to use them and format my laptop

  9. fjjgfhj says:

    tell me how 2 remove linux

  10. moon says:

    i have used the procedure to uninstall linux but now when is reboot my laptop with win 98 bootable disk, it starts installing win 98. I don’t know where tp give the command of fixmbr

  11. Rob says:

    it would be nice to be able to run fixboot and fixmbr from within windows… can this be done?

  12. prasanth says:

    hi my laptop having windowsxp & linux(ubuntu) how to delete the linux

  13. lance says:

    hey i need to remove puppy and leave windowsxp on my laptop and i dont want to delete any files from windows please help

  14. F. Vujagig says:

    I don’t think that the procedure will work on any xp-linux system. You forgot that Win XP usually is used on a NTFS partition, but Win98 can’t handle NTFS – it only knows FAT16 and FAT32.

  15. Andrew Derricutt says:

    Thanks for that. Until I came across your post I’d been struggling with deleting linux dual boot for a whole day. I was thinking to have to remove the drive and format it that way. Anyways your solution worked just fine at 2 in the morning!

  16. 2020 says:

    Thanks its working

  17. shobhit says:

    thankx it worked for me

  18. Muhammad says:

    i uninstalled linux successfully but the windows started up with black screen centerd by a mouse cursor. Please any body help me Please.

  19. sunil says:

    Hello, any one can guide me that how can i remove linux partitions from window xp operating system i have duel boot operating system. Best Regards, Sunil Bhatt

  20. Rei says:

    After i had used fixmbr, i lost all my partition table. I tried to use HirenBootCD but no partition appear. I lost all my data. Be careful with that command!!

  21. jyoti says:

    Hi, how can i remove linux boot option when i have linux and vista with dual boot system. also i want to install linux in virtual box.

  22. Dinesh Kr Singh says:

    1. Boot ur system with win-xp CD. 2. Press Esc for a fresh installation. 3. delete the Linux Partition and crete a new logical drive in the deleted partion. 4. Install the setup in this partition.(Setup will copy the file and then reboot the system, when system reboot choose ur first window option and boot) 5. In ur original window , go to my computer and format the new creted drive. 6. now press -> start and then click ->run. Write Msconfig. 7. Click on the BOOT.INI tab and the click “Check all boot paths ” button. Window will check ask to delete the second window option. 8. Enjoy

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