How To Tweak Mac OS X Lion Installation – Tips [Part 1]

Apple recently released its much awaited Mac OS X Lion operating system and because of its ease of availability and cheap price, it has made its way into a lot of people’s Mac computers. While Lion might be hailed as the greatest released of Mac OS X ever, some of the new features seem counter productive and might seem annoying to most users, which include myself. So, I’m doing a series of posts about changes that I made to my installation of Mac OS X Lion to make life a little easier for myself.

    1. Autocorrect- For any app (written in Cocoa) that has a text input field, Mac OS X Lion has enabled autocorrect by default. While this might be an exciting feature for some people, it might get annoying when legitimate words (or words from your own local language/slang, words not in any standard dictionary or even names of people) are not recognized by Lion’s spell correction engine and are automatically changed to something else which is not desired. If you find the autocorrect feature annoying, here is how you can disable it.Go to System Preferences >> Language & Text >> Text. Here, untick the checkbox next to ‘Correct spelling automatically’ option. That is all.

    1. Deletion and Trash related warnings- By default, whenever you try to empty your Trash (keyboard shortcut is Cmd + Shift + Delete), Mac OS X Lion will confirm if you want to empty your Trash. Now for people who like to let their stuff stay in their Trash, this might be perfectly acceptable, but I’m a little pedantic, and almost always empty the Trash as soon as I delete something. In fact, its become like muscle memory. I press Cmd + Delete, then immediately press Cmd + Shift + Delete.Anyhow, if the warning everytime bugs you too, head over to Finder to disable. With any Finder window in focus, open Finder preferences by pressing Cmd + , or selecting the option from the menu bar.

      In the Preferences windows, selected the ‘Advanced’ tab. Under this tab, remove the tick mark from the checkbox next to the ‘Show warning before emptying the Trash’ option. That should be it.

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