How To Turn On, Use Multiple Google Account Sign In Feature

Google has finally launched the mush awaited and promised feature which allows you to login with multiple google account in the same browser simultaneously. Sign in to multiple google accounts feature has been enabled for almost all the accounts.


You can use multiple account sign feature to switch between the following google services

  • Calendar
  • Code
  • Gmail
  • Reader
  • Sites

In order to turn on multiple account feature follow the procedure below.

1. Go to and sign in with your username and password [ This can be your gmail username and password if you have not logged in to page till now in your life ]


2. Once you are singed in with your google account, go to this link or click google account settings in top bar shown at the top right corner of the browser page as shown in the image below


3. Under google account settings page, you will see the Multiple sign in turned off – click change link to turn it on and enable multiple sign in with other google accounts.


When you click the change link, you will be redirected to a different page from where you can enable multiple sign on your google account

3. Once you turn on multiple google account feature and use it, you should understand the following things

  • The account you’re currently using is displayed at the top of most Google product pages, or at the bottom of most pages on mobile devices. Always check to make sure you’re using the account you want.
  • Not all Google products support multiple sign-in. When switching between Google products, the account you’re currently using may change.
  • Google products not listed above will default to the first account that you signed in to using your current web browser session.
  • Offline Mail and Offline Calendar will be disabled, You may lose any unsent mail.


You will need to check all these terms and then click Save changes button at the bottom left corner of the page as shown in the image below. Once you have enabled this you can sign in to your another secondary google account using this feature in the same browser and switch between them using the drop down at top right corner as shown in the image below.


Note: If you don’t see this feature in your google account settings, just wait for some days as it will be rolled out soon across all the google account then you will see and use it.


  1. mandro says

    Today, the “multiple sign-in” option appeared. I clicked on Change but it will not let me save the changes after turning the feature on.

    Anybody having the same issue?

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