How To Take Screenshot , Screen Capture On Samsung Wave GT S8500

Recently, I got the cool new samsung wave for review at samsung bloggers meet happened in delhi, I will keep using samsung wave for the next few days and then will come out with a comparative review soon. Till that time, I would love to solve the problem and issues being faced by all those who are using samsung wave.

A common problem is, how to take screen shot or screen capture in samsung wave

In order to take screen shot, you will first need to press diamond shaped key at the bottom center and then press lock key on the right side top when facing front screen on the samsung wave


All the screenshot you take via this method will be automatically saved to images folder on the phone itself. If you are using samsung wave and encountering any issues do let me know, I would love to solve them Smile


  1. Hung Vi says

    How can i disable this function?
    I mean my S8500 automatically taking screenshot when I clock the phone

  2. Nikola says

    Here is one problem for you to find solution :) :
    After I update Samsung Apps application, every time I start it, it shows me message box that there is new update and offer me only one Button (Update). After I confirm it, it seems like application try to download new update, but progress bar stays empty with label Waiting… and nothing happened in next few minutes. Than I do this : close WiFi connection and turn off packet data, and update is still on the same position not even informing me that there is no connectivity.

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