How To Take Panoramic Shots With Nokia n8

Nokia n8 camera is the most enticing thing to get it, we have been playing with n8 since Oct 31 2010 since we got it for review at nokia n8 urbanspree photo walk event, you can see some samples of nokia n8 camera pictures we took that day here

We have been finding out some tips and tricks which can help you get more from your nokia n8, previously we posted about how to stop nokia n8 to rotate the screen in landscape mode of handling it. Today we will tell you how can you take the advantage of great camera of nokia n8 and take panorama shots with n8

Nokia n8 camera by default does not allow you to take panorama shots, so you will first need to install the panorama app from the nokia ovi store. Go to ovi store and search for nokia panorama app.


Now download and install the nokia panorama app as shown in the image below.


Now go to applications and run the panorama photos application, click the camera button key to start the panorama shot as shown in the image below.

photo 1

Once it has started capturing the shot, it will be ask you to hold the camera still so that it can capture a frame and then you can move the nokia camera right or left as per your requirement as shown in the image below.

photo 2

It will automatically capture several shots as you move the camera slowly and once you are done with the shot, press the camera shutter key on n8 again to stop  the capture and then it will align all these pictures together to form a great panoramic view with all the shots taken by you.


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