How To Stop Automatic Direct Message Sent From Your Twitter Profile

Hello, to all my readers. Today we will be mentioning about a very nice tip which can help you to know about the reason of the direct messages which were sent from our account without any notification. This type of spam has always been on twitter for a long time but from time to time experts keep on alerting the users. In this post we will be telling you about an IQ spam on twitter these days.

Now, the name itself tells you that is something related to IQ. Direct messages spams are like the notifications which are received to the other users when their friends takes that IQ test mentioned in the link. As soon as you click that link, all of your friends in the friend list receive a direct message which consists of the link of that IQ test and then asks them to take a test. Now, you will not know that when you send those messages as these direct messages will be sent to your friends without any prior notification.

Generally we blindly click on these link without even thinking that what the worst can it do? It really annoys the users which are under your friend list. Just take an example that if 100 friends are in your friend list and then 20 of them clicked that link then 20 Direct Messages in a day. Huh!!! its damn annoying, please follow the steps mentioned below, if you want to stay from this scam or if you are infected then you canget out of it.

  • First of all, for the full certainity check the Direct Messages inbox, in which if you can see the message which were send from your account.
  • After you finalise that you have been infected, then change the password of your account as soon as you can.
  • Then remove the access of all the application on twitter which seem to be suspicious, as the source of this spam is one of those applications enlisted in that list. This can be done easily if you enter your Direct Messages inbox and then see the suspicious message being sent from your side, then approach that application and click Revoke Access option.
  • Now that application does not have any access to your account.

So, beware of this spam and putdown your experience while dealing this spam. We will be glad to share them and we will keep you updated with all the info related to this spam on Twitter. Have a nice day!!!!

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