How To Stop Any One Google+ To Start A Huddle Aka Google+ Phone Text Chat With You

There are times when you are using google+ on your android or ios powered iphone in such case there is a great feature which is intended for these devices on google+ which is called Huddle. To understand, it is a new way for you to easily stay in touch while you’re on the go. With Huddle, you can text groups of people or individual friends in Google+ Mobile. When you receive a new message in Huddle, Google+ sends a push notification to your phone.

In order to understand more, you can refer the video below as shown in the image below.

To get started, touch the Huddle icon on the Home screen of the Google+ app, or use the Huddle launcher. You’ll find the Huddle launcher in your device’s app launcher menu. When you touch the Huddle launcher, you’ll go straight to your huddles.

Recently I saw this huddle conversation appearing on my iphone running the latest version of google+ app, and most of the people in the huddle conversation I wasn’t familiar with still someone whom I don’t know invited me to the huddle conversation.

In order to avoid such thing happen with you, you can change the default huddle setting in google+ which says Who can start a huddle with me  from anyone to circle or extended circle as shown in the image below.

Go to this link to access the google+ settings and change the huddle settings as shown in the image below.

huddle settings google plus

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