How To Stop Abusive Youtube Videos Comments From Getting Approved

Since the day we started our new youtube video channel which features our latest gadgets reviews, we keep on getting abusive or offensive comments on different videos for no reason, as it looks like youtube has become a free-for-all forum to post abusive, vulgar and worthless comments. Initially, there where less of them, so it was OK to put up with but now the number of abusive comments is skyrocketing.

Initially we got some abusive comments on some of the popular videos on our channel, as by default all these abusive comments got approved and appeared on the youtube videos without any moderation, after some search I got to know that there is option under youtube video settings which allows you to stop these abusive comments and makes sure that every comment is held for moderation.

7-17-2011 12-23-53 AM

Follow the procedure below to know how to set the settings to make comments to appear on youtube only after getting approved by you.

Firstly you need to login to your youtube video channel, and navigate to my video section,

my videos

Here you need to locate the video for which you would like to moderate the comments and click the edit button to edit its settings.

change video settings

Under the video settings, you will see the section which says broadcasting and sharing options, you will see the comments moderation settings over a video, make sure that you select the option which says allow comments approval or select stop comments in case you want no one to comment on a video as  highlighted in the image below.

youtube comments moderation

Once you have selected the option, make sure that you that you click the save button to save the changes, for all the new or existing video upload you will need to manually set this option.

allow youtube comments with approval

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