How To Stop A Hanged Not Responding Program In Windows 7

Its been only a week since I moved my self completely from vista to windows 7, I am respecting my decision now and thinking I should have moved much earlier, the best thing I can see with windows 7 the improved and enhanced speed of the windows components.

But still windows 7 need some more improvement in handling the hanged applications, how ever till no

w there is only one instance when I found one application got hanged and not responding in windows 7 and the program that got hanged was none other than windows media player. When windows media player got hanged I tired to terminate it through task manager but it did not worked.

But then I tried process explorer which worked perfectly fine on windows 7 and terminated windows media player process. For all those who don’t know what is process explorer you can read a detailed article here.


Process Explorer is separate task manager which work with all windows operating system till windows 7, you can terminate the hanged processes with this free to tool for windows. [ as shown in the image below ]


So if you are unable to terminate a hanged process in windows 7, you can try process explorer.

Download Process Explorer


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